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Clay Dennis

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States of America
7500+ Coaching Hours
6+ yr(s) Coaching Experience
6+ yr(s) Work Experience

Clay Dennis

Certified and Experienced Business Coach (CECM) A.A.S.B.C. Certified SEMP Consultant

Business Coaching, Group Coaching, Sales Coaching, Strategy Coaching

Clay Dennis is the founder of Part Time Business Partners, a business coaching and consultancy firm. He is both an Executive Coach and Mentor certified by the Management and Strategy Institute and a certified SME consultant by the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants.

He is experienced in helping business owners implement change in a way that encourages and engages their people. He has not only facilitated highly successful financial and cultural turnarounds across various industries, he's a proven leader in refocusing teams toward common goals and restructuring company positions to best take advantage of individual strengths and weaknesses.

Before starting Part Time Business Partners, he was the co-founder of Southern Hearth and Patio Inc., serving as its vice president of sales and operations from 2000 to 2006 and as its president and CEO until 2017. During that time he and his team were repeatedly recognized for excellence regionally and nationally, among multiple industries, including Casual Living Magazine's Top 100 List 5 times, and honored as the “Small Business of the Year” by the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce in 2010. He sold his company to a national chain in 2017.

Clay has served his community in multiple volunteer roles for over 20 years. He currently serves on the Hamilton County Health and Safety Board, as a guide for The National Medal of Honor Museum and Heritage Center, and as a member of the Chattanooga Downtown Rotary Club.

Clay is also a United States Navy veteran, serving as a radar and electronics technician at Naval Air Stations North Island, Miramar, and Imperial Beach. In 1990, he was selected for the marine-led base counter-terrorism security force, serving as personal security for high-ranking officials, where he earned multiple commendations for his service, during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Coaching Credentials

Certified Coach, Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants
Certified Executive Coach and Mentor, Management & Strategy Institute
Certified Consultant and Trainer, Trainul
My Focus Areas include
Communication, Culture, Leadership, Managing People

I have worked with clients at the following levels
C Suite, President, Leader, Emerging Leader, Manager

My clients work in departments such as
Administration, Learning & Development, Production, Sales

My clients work in the following industries
Agriculture, Apparel, Automotive, Construction, Executive, Media, Retail & Wholesale, Service

My Clients

- Phil Monroe, The appliance Doctor:
"Last year I was a mess – disorganized, stressed-out, not sure where I and the company were headed. Clay helped me straighten out my books, figure out where my money was being spent, develop a new website, etc. Here’s the part I like: Gross sales over the same period last year: Up 48%. Net profit: Up 40%. Profits are up, and my blood pressure is down. I couldn’t recommend them more highly."

- Michael Bennett, Printree:
"Being in business for 25 years, we have a lot of experience figuring out how to get by and make things work. Enter Clay Dennis... As a result of his expertise, we now have systems in place that make things much more predictable. For the first time since 1997, we have an understanding of how all the moving parts of our business connect, how to set realistic and attainable goals, and how to track our efforts to meet them."

Dwayne Alborn, Veteran Home Care Ohio:
"Working with Clay is not like working with any other advisor. He is personally invested in your success both on a business and personal level. His program structure is based on your needs not a predesigned format. He is very open-minded, and I never feel like my goals are not relevant or that my questions are stupid. Clay’s calm demeanor is always supportive and encouraging. He goes above and beyond to assure you have the tools and knowledge to be successful and meet your goals."

Joey Tubbs, RSW Chattanooga:
"Clay Dennis has been a tremendous asset to our business. He has helped us triple our revenue in one year. Also, he has helped us get organized, define our processes, and set our culture. I highly recommend Clay Dennis and Part-Time Business Partners."

Jim Childers, United States Stove Company:
“PTBP has helped us develop best business practices and processes necessary to take our retail operations to the next level of performance. They have a ‘boots on the ground approach’ and have given us very genuine personal service. They are not satisfied until they know their clients are showing success with what they have developed. Their diverse expertise has greatly helped with our broad range of needs.”

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