Dina Simon

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States of America
10000+ Coaching Hours
20+ yr(s) Coaching Experience
25+ yr(s) Work Experience

Master Certified Coach | Facilitator | Trainer |

Helping individuals and companies find their unstoppableness!

Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Consultancy, Executive Coaching, Facilitation, Family Business Coaching, Group Coaching, High-Performance Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Legacy Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Sales Coaching, Strategy Coaching, Succession Planning, Team Coaching, Transition Coaching, 360 Assessment

As a thought leader, entrepreneur, author, Founder, and CEO of Simon Says Lead, I help individuals, leaders, and corporations uncover their business goals and creatively problem-solve to get concrete results. With over 25 years in the staffing industry, I have managed talent acquisition programs for some of the top Fortune 100 companies, overseeing lead accounts with top-ranking organizations such as PepsiCo, Frito-lay, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, and Amazon. In addition to successfully founding two national startups, my diverse leadership background includes senior-level participation at multi-billion dollar companies.

Through my perfected “Make Unstoppable Simple” framework, I help clients determine the real problems or challenges at hand. To be unstoppable, you need loyal followers, smart systems, and creative ways to turn the dial to positive results and move quickly to accomplish your goals.

Coaching Credentials

Master Certified Coach
Everything DISC: Authorized Partner
The Five Behaviors: Authorized Partner
Certified Franchise Executive
Ken Blanchard Channel Partner - certifications in SLII, Self Leadership, Leading People Through Change, and Coaching Essentials for Leaders
Certified Facilitator for CO-STARTERS
Member of ICF

My Focus Areas include
Assure Success, Culture, Leadership, Managing People, Personal Effectiveness, Team

I have worked with clients at the following levels
Board, C Suite, Director, President, Leader, Emerging Leader, Team Manager, Manager

My clients work in departments such as
Administration, Human Resources, Learning & Development, Marketing, Operations, Production, Sales

My clients work in the following industries
Banking, Consulting, Executive, Humanitarian and Public Service, Insurance, Marketing, Not for Profit, Other, Recruitment, Retail & Wholesale, Service, Transportation

My Clients

"Dina has been an important component of Aimclear's growth and success. Over the years, she's worked with several of our emerging leaders to help them attain the next level in their career.  She's worked with leadership on accountability and has helped shape better communication and teamwork across the entire agency.  I have recommended her to many organizations and will continue to do so because her skill set is so critical for the success of any business." - Laura Weintraub, CEO, Aimclear

“Dina is, for me, the most inspirational force of nature I’ve ever met in my life.”
– Louis Abramowski, Founder & CEO, Evergreen
"Dina and I worked together at Jefferson Lines for several years. I initially asked her to help with leadership and team development. In that capacity, she met individually with team leaders on a regular basis to help coach and guide them in their individual growth. She also drove team development by facilitating discussions and team building experiences. As the COVID Pandemic hit, Dina jumped in to manage our entire human resource area...Dina has always been a joy to work with and a true team player.“
- Steve Woelfel, President & CEO , Jefferson Lines 

Professional Experience

With over 25 years of experience in the human capital space of recruiting and leadership development, Dina brings her passion for helping people realize their true potential. She authored the book, "Make Unstoppable Simple, Creative problem solving in life and leadership" where she brings a model of how to breakthrough barriers in what is stopping you in your tracks.  

Her unstoppableness to think big and accomplish amazing things in the world has led her to found two startups, where she holds the position of CEO of Simon Says Lead, and President of Simons Says Give, where she is credited as 2018 Guinness World Records Holder

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