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Executive Coach

Women & Diverse STEM Professionals: Elevate Your Careers! Get the promotions you deserve.

Career Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Executive Coaching, Facilitation, Group Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation, Team Coaching

I’m neuroscience-based coach, with a passion for empowering women, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC professionals to rise in their careers. I am especially focused on helping technical professionals get the communication and leadership skills they need to become impactful leaders and innovators. 

I bring over a decade of experience in assessing and training high potential professionals in leadership and communications. I prioritize DEI in my work and am an always-learning ally. I’m also a theatre artist, and my work as a coach is informed by the high-performance communication and innovation principles arising out of improv.

Every client is unique, and I adjust the techniques and style I use to meet them where they are. 

Coaching Credentials

Brain-Based and Results-Certified Coach, Neuroleadership Institute.
My Focus Areas include
Assure Success, Communication, Leadership, Managing People, Personal Effectiveness, Team

I have worked with clients at the following levels
C Suite, Director, President, Leader, Emerging Leader, Team Manager, Manager

My clients work in departments such as
Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Operations, R&D

My clients work in the following industries
Accounting, Aerospace, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Computer, Engineering, Executive, Financial, Fintech


Brain-Based and Results-Based Coach, Neuroleadership Institute
BA, Interdisciplinary Humanities, New College of California
MFA, Drama, University of California, Irvine

Professional Experience

Jennifer Joy Pawlitschek is a neuroscience-based STEM leadership coach, with a passion for empowering women and diverse professionals to rise in their careers to become impactful leaders and innovators. She brings over a decade of experience in assessing and training high potential professionals in leadership and communications. She prioritizes DEI in her work and is an always-learning ally. Also a theatre artist, her work as a coach is informed by the high-performance communication and innovation principles arising out of improv.


*Evidence-Based Techniques

Neuroscience-based coaching is evidence-based, and it works. As a certified neuroscience-based coach, some of Jennifer’s proven techniques include leveraging the brain’s love of repetition to build powerful habits, and working with the limbic system to calm down stress triggers, which improves performance – especially in presentations!

*Positive Psychology

Focusing on our strengths and achievements lays the foundation for even greater achievements and skills development. Jennifer leverages the tools of the PQ program to help clients rewire their brains towards greater happiness, resilience, and innovativeness. These tools include short, intermittent mindfulness exercises that strengthen the parts of the brain responsible for empathy, creativity, and clear, focused action. 

*​​Every Client’s Innate Wisdom

 Jennifer’s strategies are designed to create a space where clients can discover their own answers. She is not focused o telling her clients what to do; rather, she supports clients in overcoming anything that is holding them back.

 Challenging decisions, such as, “How should I manage my team?” “How do I move forward on this project?” and even “Where do I want to go with my career?” may have multiple, contradictory answers. Jennifer’s techniques help clients stay with those contradictions until the inner conflict and confusion resolves and their own best answers emerge.

*Diversity and Inclusion

We should all be able to bring our whole selves to work. Jennifer’s background in DEI – and as a lesbian – has ignited a passion in her for seeing other women, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC people thrive. She is able to be not only empathetic towards her clients, but is also able to act as a thinking partner as they face down the additional obstacles they so often face.

*Tailored Training 

Where training is called for, Jennifer tailors each offering to the client or clients. 

Technical professionals usually don’t get training in the leadership and communications skills they need to rise in their careers. Jennifer’s  background in assessing and training leaders means that she can help her clients accurately assess their own leadership and communication skills and gaps, and then identify and incorporate appropriate strategies and skills. These might include identifying and matching diverse work styles and motivations, improving communication skills, and building rapport and relationships across differences.


The frontiers of STEM are about innovation, and Improv is the ultimate high-wire act of innovation practice. The basic rule of Improv, “Say yes, and…” helps Jennifer’s clients move out of habitual thinking and unleashes their creativity and innovation. 

Every client is unique, and Jennifer adjusts the techniques and style she uses to meet them where they are. 

Clients who work with Jennifer:

  • Break through to greater insights on their projects, for their teams, and in their careers
  • Establish life-changing habits that help them be more effective on the job – and off
  • Discover and develop the powerful leader they already are
  • Find more boldness and confidence in their innovation practices
  • Increase their understanding of emotional intelligence
  • Improve their communication with teams, peers, and managers
  • Develop better work-life balance
Featured in the New York Times and on Voice of America radio for her expertise, she has worked in many sectors, including corporate, legal, science/technology, government and not-for-profit.

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