Kristi Haas

Wilmington, Delaware, United States of America
25+ yr(s) Work Experience

Kristi Haas, Ed.S, Coach

ADDaptable Solutions LLC. (Coaching for the Distracted, Disorganized and Discombobulated)

ADHD Coaching, Health Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Mindfulness coaching, Executive Functioning Coaching

  • Accountability coaching to provide task completion monitoring, ensure you observe details, and teach you to experience fewer competing thoughts as you focus.
  • Guided motivation to help combat procrastination and task avoidance.
  • Attention and focus skills training and strategy development unique to your strengths.
  • Time management guidance through goal oriented coaching for planning and to prioritize your responsibilities.
  • Organizational strategizing for at home, at work, and in every day life. 
  • Task analysis to make big jobs small and manageable.
  • Training in flexible thinking, generating alternative solutions and developing a growth mindset.
  • Mindfulness integration to increase your self-awareness and improve attention and working memory.
  • Achieving  self-efficacy and self-esteem with stackable successes!

Coaching Credentials

Life Coaching Certification - New Skills Academy
Mindfulness Coaching Certification - My Vinyasa Practice 
Certified Meditation instructor/coach
My Focus Areas include
Health, Personal Effectiveness, Mindfulness, Personal Management, Daily skills Training, Cognitive Functioning, Executive functioning

My Clients

"Kristi is a gifted coach who helped me regain focus and concentration following a concussion. Before I began working with her, I wasn't really sure how it could help. But it became very clear, very quickly, that she had solutions for my problems. The work we did together was not only helpful, but it was enjoyable! With all the treatments and therapies that I received, Kristi's has helped me the most.  ~Julie G.

I was referred to Kristi Haas by my doctors who spoke very highly of her and she immediately reached out to me.  She spent time getting to know me and my challenges I was experiencing.  Kristi understood the fact that I looked and sounded normal but I was not.  Everyday my mind and actions seemed to puzzle me.  Kristi had the answers and worked with me to understand and aid the healing process I was going through.  I made a lot of progress with Kristi because of her knowledge and dedication to treating me and I will always be grateful to her. ~ Steph P.


Rowan University – Masters of Arts Degree and Ed.S, School Psychology Certification Program. 
LaSalle University – Master of Arts Degree, Human Services Psychology
Albright College – Bachelor of Arts Degree, Psychology

Professional Experience

  • Professionally, I have nearly thirty years of experience helping people overcome cognitive limitations and maximizing functioning. For the past 12 years I have been working with adults who have sustained cognitive impairment as a result of concussion. In one-to-one therapy, I helped people rehabilitate cognitive deficits in attention, memory, language, visual processing and executive functioning and develop skills and strategies for improving their daily functioning. I have also worked as a trained psychometrician administering neuropsychological testing. I have worked in the public school system (Primarily K-8) as a School Psychologist, writing IEPs and behavior plans, and performing psychological and learning evaluations. 
  • Educationally, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Clinical and School Psychology, and an Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology. 
  • Most importantly, I am a wife and mother to two busy teenage children. My son has been diagnosed with ADHD since the age of five and I have experienced all the parenthood ups and downs of raising (and continuing to raise) a neurodivergent child. I am very  familiar with IEP meetings, behavior plans, specialists, medications, and therapies. This diagnosis has personal significance to me. 

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