Kulas Angeles

Whitby, ONTARIO, Canada
English, Tagalog
400+ Coaching Hours
6+ yr(s) Coaching Experience

Life and Transition Coach


Facilitation, Group Coaching, Life Coaching, Team Coaching

I am a life and transition coach and my mission is to help my clients get clear about what they really want in life, help them figure out their new path, and create plans with them on how to get there so that they can move from their current unfulfilled lives to their flourishing and pro-active lives.

I work with:
•    People who are in transition in their careers, geography, and relationship status
             - Newly promoted employees
             - Changing Careers
             - Starting a full-time or part-time Business
             - Newly Graduates
             - Immigrating
•.   Companies who want to empower their teams through personal development
             - MLM companies
             - BPO/Technology companies
             - Non-Profit Organizations

Coaching Credentials

ICF Associate Certified Coach
iPEC Certified Professional Coach
iPEC Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
My Focus Areas include
Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Team

I have worked with clients at the following levels
Emerging Leader, Team Manager, Manager

My clients work in departments such as
Finance, Information Technology, Operations, Sales

My clients work in the following industries
Information Technology

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