Lorraine Edwards

United States of America
8+ yr(s) Coaching Experience
12+ yr(s) Work Experience

Life and Relationship Coach

I help single, Christian women overcome the unique fears, challenges, and loneliness of being single so they can have healthy, happy relationships and ultimately live their God-given purpose.

Behavioural Coaching, Life Coaching

Lorraine Edwards was born in Brooklyn, New York, and moved to Gainesville, Florida with her family when she was 6 years old.   

She has a BA in Psychology and a Masters of Social Work both from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).  Lorraine worked as the Area Social Services Director for The Salvation Army in Richmond, Petersburg, and Hopewell Virginia for 6 years before she felt a different call to ministry and served as a missionary at the Longburn Adventist College in Palmerston North, New Zealand in 2020. 

She is currently the Owner and CEO of A Single Mission, a ministry started to engage, encourage, and empower single, Christian women to overcome the unique fears, stresses, and loneliness of being single in a family-centered society by providing Bible-based life and relationship coaching, seminars, online education, and creating a supportive, like-minded community to help them have healthy, happy relationships and ultimately identify and live their God-given purpose. 

My Focus Areas include
Personal Effectiveness

I have worked with clients at the following levels
Leader, Team Manager

My clients work in departments such as
Human Resources

My clients work in the following industries
Health Care, Real Estate

My Clients

Lorraine's leadership in Singles Ministry has been phenomenal. Her seminars have been powerful and instrumental in bringing clarity and wisdom to singles contemplating marriage as well as fulfilling their life's purpose. She has been spirit-led, I believe, and has shared with me godly counsel that helped me to navigate difficult relationship decisions that I had doubts about. Today as I reflect I can see that God has used her in my life and spared me many heartaches, had I not listened. I am confident that God will continue to use her to touch the lives of singles to help them to develop strong healthy relationships and fulfill their purpose. 


Bachelor of Science, Psychology - Virginia Commonwealth University
Master of Social Work - Virginia Commonwealth University

Professional Experience

Area Social Services Manager - The Salvation Army
Assistance Boarding Dean - Longburn Adventist College
Field Supervisor BSW/MSW Program - Virginia Commonwealth University
Adjunct Instructor BSW/MSW Program - Virginia Commonwealth University
Case Manager - Richmond Behavioral Health Authority

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