Maria Hill

Lynchburg, Virginia, United States of America
10+ yr(s) Coaching Experience
40+ yr(s) Work Experience

Maria E. Hill

Challenging Times Do Not Need To Be A Curse!

Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Life Coaching, Mental Health Coaching, Mentoring, Mindset Coaching, Transition Coaching, Wellbeing Coaching

Maria is a writer, teacher, coach, and transformative thinker. She is an expert on how cultures create and appropriate our identities, minds, and energies and knows that without clarity about how cultures create many of our problems, we will remain traumatized and stuck. 

Maria offers individual online coaching and, through her 8-week Magic Of Joy program, a transformational pathway to a new joy-based way of living. She uses cultural frameworks, energy practices, new joy-based archetypes, and a joy foundation/practice to help people make sense of the world and find their way to the new ecological world trying to be born. She loves discovering AHAs that enliven the imagination, open new doors of possibility, and establish much-deserved self-regard, especially for those who have been marginalized in some way.

Coaching Credentials

Coach U, Coaching Certification
Spiral Dynamics Level 1 Certification, ValueMatch, NL
Flow Consultant, Entrepreneur's Institute
Reiki Master Program (Certificate)
Theta Healing Certified Practitioner
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Emerging Leader

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Learning & Development

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My Clients

"I've been working with Maria Hill for seven years, and she has changed my life." Amelia, Randelman, NC 

"I am so grateful and excited about the future! " Claire,  Brussels,  Belgium

Unique And Rare Inspiring Teacher, Judith Fine-Sarchielli, Santa Monica, CA

Maria’s program offers a fresh and well-researched take on empaths and human development. Anne, Wilmington, DE


Tufts University | Wellesley, MA 
BA | French-German, Creative Writing

Babson College | Wellesley, MA 

Virginia Commonwealth University | Richmond, VA 
BFA | Painting, Phi Kappa Phi

Maryland Institute College Of Art | Baltimore, MD 

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