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Life and Leadership Studio

Calling all heart centered rebels, unicorns, misfits and boat rockers!

You know there is a better way to do business and to lead others. 
You know there is a better way to live. 
You have the vision and the passion, but you just don’t have the traction you’d like to have. Without that traction, you wonder if you will ever authentically experience joy and satisfaction. 

You don’t have the time to really reflect and process your experience; you just move from one fire, or even one success, into the next.
No one seems to get you. You have been perplexing your parents and teachers for as long as you can remember and even today most people don’t seem to really see what you are capable of.
You know there is MORE, but you don’t know how to access MORE. Besides, you’ve been pushing the rock of possibility uphill, going after MORE your whole life and you are exhausted.

Wouldn’t it be nice to 
  • Have time to take a breath?
  • To listen to your highest self?
  • To be seen and heard by other unique human beings?
  • To finally create habits that bring you MORE with little to no effort?

We’ve got your back! Welcome to the LIfe and Leadership Studio.

This studio is a safe space to explore and experiment with
  • Principles of self-leadership 
  • The integration of self-leadership habits into our daily experience
  • How we give away our energy and how to reclaim it
  • How to remain grounded even when the world seems to be falling apart

Join us Mar 29, 2024 from 11-12:30 PM Central time to see if this is the community and support you have been looking for. 

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