Raj Anderson (MBA, MCC)

Florida, United States of America
English, Punjabi (Eastern)
2500+ Coaching Hours
10+ yr(s) Coaching Experience
23+ yr(s) Work Experience

Inspiring and empowering human capability

A dynamic, driven, bilingual Leadership Strategist and Executive Coach

Business Coaching, Consultancy, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Executive Coaching, Facilitation, Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, Mindfulness Meditation

Raj brings over 20 years experience in ‘people centered services’ in various capacities and with a robust background in leadership, organizational culture and people development. As an ‘out-of-the-box thinker’ Raj is recognized for shifting mindsets and implementing action learning to increase efficacy and productivity. 

Her track record for coaching senior executives and pioneering leadership development programs includes supporting global clients such as Disney, FICO and NASA, giving Raj both credibility and experience of multifaceted leadership challenges. 

Raj is committed to supporting organizations and individuals with leadership development with a particular interest in enhancing the diversity and Inclusion agenda and running women in leadership programs worldwide. 

Coaching Credentials

  • Masters in Business Administration 
  • Professional Certified Coach by International Coach Federation (PCC) 
  • Master Certified Coach by Coach Training EDU (MCC) 
  • Certified Inclusion Coach Trainer by Coach Training EDU 
  • Certified Conscious Business Coach 
  • Certified Action Learning - Transformational Facilitation Skills 

My Focus Areas include
Leadership, Personal Effectiveness

I have worked with clients at the following levels
Board, C Suite, Director, President, Leader

My clients work in departments such as
Administration, Finance, Human Resources, R&D

My clients work in the following industries
Banking, Consulting, Education / Academia, Entertainment, Executive, Financial, Software

My Clients

Raj is a special person and the level of commitment that she has to her clients is amazing. You know that you can trust her explicitly. I find her style to be very helpful and motivating. she has an innate understanding of what I am trying to achieve and is able to flex the exercises or topics to meet my needs while still achieving the goal of moving me towards my desired outcomes. 
(EVP - Software Industry)

I had the good fortune of being coached by Raj as I entered a new executive role. Raj is the consummate coach: her deft questions helped me to find answers and solutions within. I found the clarity and conviction I gained from each our our weekly sessions well worth the time, and feel a debt of gratitude to Raj for helping me to be the leader I want to be.  (Associate general counsel for international law at NASA)

Raj brings in her entire self to her classroom sessions often going over and beyond what is expected of a mentor coach. She is strongly invested in us becoming better coaches. Her teaching style and materials are very helpful and to this day I use her notes every coaching session.
I have also been lucky to experience her brilliance as a life coach. She has helped me achieve reconciliation on issues that I was grappling with for ages. I cannot thank her enough for it.
But her most endearing quality is that she is an amazing human being. And she brings that warmth, concern and attitude to her role as a coach and a trainer. (Career design coach & program manager)



Professional Experience

Originally from the UK, Raj now resides in the US. Her professional experience has consisted of working with people from all around the world, her interest in human behavior and organizational culture resulted in her leading advocacy services, Inclusion and diversity initiatives and implementing coaching programs for healthcare practitioners. 
Her work has also included a wide range of involvement in industries such as software, education, entertainment, and financial services, working with mid to senior leaders, physicians, consultants and c level executives. 

Raj is also a trainer, curriculum developer, supervisor and assessor for accredited programs for the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and works with people virtually all over the world.
Raj is increasing engaged and passionate about the coaching industry with a particular interest in both making coaching accessible globally and adding value to client and business experience.

Raj is committed to tuning in to her clients needs and providing a customized approach, she doesn't believe in cutting corners or simply providing a cookie cutter outline because one size does not fit all. 

Raj believes passionately in the people that she works with, Knowing that they are resourceful and that her role is to support them to unleash their unlimited potential by guiding them and providing tools and strategies to help them bridge the gap between their goals, vision and action. 

Interested in booking a session or learning more?

Coaching/Mentoring Session 55 mins (For new clients)