The Synergistic Mystics

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The Synergistic Mystics

Enter A Realm Where The Extraordinary is Your Everyday Reality ! Helping you to: Transform you karma, clear your karma, embody your power, and claim your happiness. Quantum Holographic Catalyst

Authors - Healers - Mystics - Facilitators

Endowed with the ability to channel divine energy, navigate the intricate quantum realm, and harness her Clair senses with pinpoint accuracy, Ali is the 1% of Intuitive’s worldwide. 

In a world where few can claim a direct line of communication with the Source itself, Ali emerges as a beacon of wisdom and insight. Her mystical understanding of this cosmic connection is the missing link you’ve been searching for to propel you into the world and shift the hologram of reality. 

Join us at “Conversation with Source,” where we are The Synergistic Mystics. Ali and Shawn’s abilities together are akin to Jerry & Ester Hicks. 

Together, we’ll help you unlock the mysteries of the universe, amplify your message, and create profound transformations that transcend the ordinary, all while shifting the hologram of your existence. 

Your journey to harnessing the power of Source begins here and now. 

The Synergistic Mystics
 Ali & Shawn 


Ali - Healer, Body Worker, World Class Intuitive 

Shawn - Retired Paramedic, Serial Entrepreneur, Mystic 

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